Carl DeLine

Reaching Into Community – A True Balancing Act!

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For over 35 years I have worked to nurture relationships and partnerships between churches, community groups, service clubs, government organizations, businesses and individuals to enhance local communities. My work has included participating in starting and developing 12 non-profit organizations, preaching in over 300 churches and serving congregations in pastoral and interim leadership roles. I have supervised practicum students and interns in various settings, spent significant time coaching people in transition, taught adult education, and been involved in overseeing the development of staff, volunteer, and other adult training programs. Additionally, I have traveled extensively in the United States and Canada assisting with work situations, project development, and public speaking engagements. As a Christian I believe we are called to be servants working in our communities. Fulfilling our call to be the light of the world, the salt of the earth is based on a sense of being present in our society. Ultimately we are called to show the love and grace of God by emulating the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.