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Developing a Good Neighbor Policy N.S.A.

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Coached by Grace: A dialogue for doing church in community

Developing a good neighbor policy – N.S.A. (no strings attached)

The transformation is happening all over the world. People have discovered that God often wants what they want. God lines up the resources and “bang,” nothing happens. We who have become the visible presence of the body of Christ have gotten so busy in building boats that very little fishing gets done. Today can be the new day you have been waiting for. Today the scales can drop from your eyes and you will see all the wonderful things God is doing? Take that first step in community renewal. Answer these questions for you and your community!

Where Is God Already Working?
Where are you working?

Who Is God Working With?
Who are you working with?

Mission Improbable
You want me to do what?

Here I Am Lord, Send Me
So who are you, really?

He Owns the Cattle on a Thousand Hills
So how do you plan to pay for all this?

All over the world many people speak of seeking a sense of spirituality. They are often willing to fight for, even to die for this spirituality. Jesus said, love your neighbor. It seems like such a simple set of words. Instead of nurturing wholeness and supportiveness people’s minds, hearts and ambitions are often being shaped to create roadblocks to achieving this simple task. Just as tragic are the responses to genuine attempts by those who reach out to be there for others. The whole idea of pursuing positive activities is interpreted as pie in the sky rhetoric. What’s in it for you?

Developing a good neighbor policy N.S.A. has been created to nurture actions of community building that allow for meaningful dialogue by walking alongside others in community. This workshop asks a series of very specific questions and then seeks to answer these questions while relating the answers to developing a “good neighbor activity.”

Many are called but few are chosen
For what have you been chosen?