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12 Days That Changed the World! Well, Not Really, But…

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A few days ago I began writing some thoughts about a disease called sarcoidosis. I read multiple posts on Facebook from people who have sarcoidosis. One of the recurring thoughts was how much misunderstanding there is among families, friends, and the medical profession about this disease. During this time there were over 3000 views and […]

And So, an Evening, a Morning, a New Day

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This is a conversation I had with a new friend from Australia. She accepted me into a group from Australia that discusses the disease sarcoidosis. It happened within the last 20 hours. Janise – Welcome Carl. Carl – Hi Janise – thank you for your kind words. Janise – This is a very supportive group. […]

Eighth Day of Creation: An Evening Blessing, A Morning Blessing, A New Day…

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Reflections from posts and ongoing discussions on Facebook. 1. It is evening. Another Friday is passing in this part of the world. May God bless you, give you peace, may your families and homes be safe from the intrusions of evil and desperate acts. May you know the gentleness a good nights rest brings and […]

Developing a Good Neighbor Policy N.S.A.

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Coached by Grace: A dialogue for doing church in community Developing a good neighbor policy – N.S.A. (no strings attached) The transformation is happening all over the world. People have discovered that God often wants what they want. God lines up the resources and “bang,” nothing happens. We who have become the visible presence of […]

Reaching Into Community – A True Balancing Act!

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For over 35 years I have worked to nurture relationships and partnerships between churches, community groups, service clubs, government organizations, businesses and individuals to enhance local communities. My work has included participating in starting and developing 12 non-profit organizations, preaching in over 300 churches and serving congregations in pastoral and interim leadership roles. I have […]

In second community summit, youth give voice

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With “Youth Voice” as the name of the organization behind the series of Community Summits on Youth, it was fitting Monday night to hear mainly from that demographic at the second event at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Mankato. For the most part, youth ranging from high school-age to the early 20s provided […]

Youth summit feedback reveals need for mentors at top priority

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The feedback from the first Community Summit on Youth is compiled, as is a long list of answers to the question: What do you feel are the top needs of youth in the community? And the top five answers to that question will be presented by youth, ranging in age from early teens to early […]