Carl DeLine

Prominent Calgarians recall Yuletides past

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[…] Carl DeLine – an active member of Calgary’s The Friends of the Back Door, a program that helps street kids get back to a normal life – has a special recollection of Christmas in 1980. He and his wife were living in Calgary and decided to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. They exchanged […]

Charities have to become self-sufficient

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The safety net has become rigid. It’s losing its flexibility. Instead of the elasticity required to address crisis, crisis concerns have been moved to the fringe of society. People falling into these categories are declared an anomaly. This is nothing new. What is new is that it is now affecting the middle class. Individuals — […]

Back Door campaigns to raise funds

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You never know what might happen when you put an empty jar on the kitchen table and use it to make change. Consider this story: A few years ago, The Back Door‘s executive director Carl DeLine spoke at a service club luncheon about his Making Change campaign which, in a small way, had raised several […]