Carl DeLine

The Back Door shows a way out for kids

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The lucky ones might find a room or apartment to share with five, 10 or 15 other street kids. But every night those who aren’t lucky shiver and freeze in the dark doorways and icy parkades. One a good day there is a meal at a drop-in centre. On bad days they pick through restaurant […]

Welfare cuts hit young hard

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In mid-November, when most people are bundled in heavy coats and scarves, Michael walks around in a frayed nylon shell covering a T-shirt and sweater. “This is it,” he says, concluding an inventory of his winter wardrobe: two sweaters, two pairs of jeans and clunky steel-toed boots–a relic of the good old days when he […]

A place to call home

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It can be hard to get ahead when you live in a van parked downtown A group of young people who have been living in a van in a downtown parking lot has decided to seek a better life and employment in British Columbia. Two have already headed west, and four more planned to start […]