Carl DeLine

Youths take control at the Back Door

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Eddie and Rene say it can be murder–literally–trying to scrape by with Grade 9 educations, drug habits and scavenging. “As far as I know, they’d have killed me,” 22-year-old Eddie says about why he had to break off his career as a small-fry cocaine dealer sinking into debt to bigger fish in the swamp. Rene, […]

They are worth the chance

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The Back Door believes in second chances. Maybe even thirds and fourths. Since being founded by Carl DeLine in 1988, The Back Door has been the conduit for about 200 young adults to get off the streets and back into life. The concept is simple, as are all really great ideas. Give a young person […]

Violence a way of life to those on the street

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Workers grapple with solutions to aid troubled teens Calgary has its fair share of gangs and community and family violence but, all things considered, its still a pretty nice place to live, a conference was told Friday. “I’m glad I live in this city. I’m originally from New York and what you’re talking about here […]

Kids enter business through Back Door

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Let’s think of them as entrepreneurs. Let’s put aside our value judgments for a few moments and look at street people the way Carl DeLine does. It’s easy for prosperous citizens to turn their well-tailored backs on homeless kids they regard as beggars, hookers, drug pushers and thieves. But DeLine, who runs an agency created […]

On a roll

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The action at the gaming tables is so heavy, people are squeezed shoulder to shoulder, waiting for a chance to try their luck. Chips clatter, a roulette wheel whirs and shuffling cards buzz as hundreds of people crowd the River Park Casino across from the Stampede grounds. It’s two o’clock on a weekday afternoon and […]

$500 million ‘makes little difference’

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A new $500-million federal program aimed at helping children at risk raises hopes, but may ultimately make little difference to children living in poverty, say agencies who work with kids. The bulk of the money–$360 million–is slated for programs to improve life for children living in poverty, on the streets, or in homes where they […]

Jackpot seen with video slots

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Critics assail plan to expand electronic gambling in bars The poor and middle class will lose big and Alberta will become “Las Vegas north” when the province is flooded with video gambling terminals, critics charged Thursday. Lottery Minister Ken Kowalski announced that after a stunningly successful nine-month experiment with video slot machines, a permanent network […]