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It’s time for season’s best to those hardest to forget

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A year ago today, I was in Wayne Gretzky country–Brantford, Ont.–keeping an eye on the meandering Olympic torch. Unless you come from there, I can think of more pleasant locales to spend Christmas Eve, far from family and friends. Things are better this year, and it’s been a good one. Since the Winter Olympics ended, […]

The best Christmas gifts ever

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[…] “I was seven years old when I think back. Our mother and father told us there was no such thing as Santa Claus. They brought this to us on the grounds there wasn’t going to be a Christmas that year. There wasn’t any money. It was an extremely turbulent year for our family and […]

Streets promise bitter harvest

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There is violence on Calgary streets every day as street kids battle street kids. But someday–and maybe soon–that violence could be directed against others, say experts trying to help these children. “Are we going to have a street revolution–I don’t know,” says Madelyn McDonald, director of Avenue 15, a project aimed at street youth. “But […]

Food bank’s new boss fears tougher times

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The new head of the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank is worried that falling oil prices will mean a tougher fight for donations at the same time demand for help increases. “Winter and a declining economy will likely mean that we’ll he handing out more food hampers,” Terry Wilson said Thursday. Wilson took over as executive […]

Mall stores to act on ‘undesirables’

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Stephen Avenue Mall merchants are banding together to refuse service to “undesirables” who loiter downtown, says mall manager Dick Roscoe. But police fear those turned away may retaliate by vandalizing participating downtown stores. “We will drive them away,” vowed Roscoe. “They are undesirables to us and we don’t want them here.” Roscoe said the merchants’ […]

Mean streets

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Back Door can make a difference “Every time I cried, my father beat me until I stopped. He didn’t want me to be a wimp. When I was 13, my mom finally said, ‘See you later,’ and handed me over to Human Resources in B.C.” –Shawn, 19 “My stepdad was always telling me to pack […]

Men’s hostel operation handed to Sally Ann

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The Single Men’s Hostel will be run by the Salvation Army next year at a cheaper cost and perhaps more proficiently, Social Services Connie Osterman announced Friday. The 238-bed provincial hostel will have fewer beds when operated by the Army. In January, 1989, it will have 134 beds for transient men and 28 private rooms […]

Food banks hail tax-break idea

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The federal government is considering special tax breaks for food companies that donate surplus edible goods to charity – a move that could dramatically increase the ability of food banks to feed the nation’s poor. Carl DeLine, former head of the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank, calls the proposal “excellent news (because) there are tonnes of […]

Food bank starving for funds

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The Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank is hungry for cash. For the first time in the food bank’s six-year history, officials are asking Calgarians for both money and food donations. If it doesn’t pick up at least $20,000 in extra donations this month, the food bank will be forced to downsize hampers or lay off staff, […]

Alberta hikes minimum pay

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Alberta’s raising its minimum wage Sept. 1 to $4.50 an hour–a move that was greeted Tuesday with a mix of delight, disappointment and relief. The delight came from low-paid workers–many of them employed by fast-food outlets; the disappointment from advocates for the poor who felt the hike isn’t enough; and relief from the business sector […]

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