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Mashup Industries presents Café del Mash

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Cafe Mashup

Earlier this week I had been revisiting a number of albums that I hadn’t listened to in years, Radiohead’s The Bends being one that received a few spins. With all of the hyperbole surrounding OK Computer, and the media hoopla that continues to revolve around In Rainbows, these days it’s easy to let the the rest of the band’s catalog slip through the cracks, though The Bends deserves better. Next Friday will mark the 14th anniversary of the album’s release, and with that comes a reminder that I’ve tried to press this week: don’t forget about the music that’s helped bring you to where you are today.

Two weeks back Mashup Industries released the ambient collection by the name of Cafe del Mash. Leaning heavily on waves and relaxed harmonies the album takes the concept of new age and mashes it with some of those very artists that helped guide us in our journeys. The collection features the likes of Morcheeba, Faithless and Johnny Cash, but Norwegian Recycling’s contribution, a song combining Howie Day, the Staple Singers and Radiohead’s “High and Dry” is one such song that reminds you that history is well worth revisiting.

If I may indulge myself in making a suggestion: listen to the song, then find an album that you haven’t listened to in years and refresh yourself with why you loved it in the first place. At the very least it might resurrect some good memories–really, what have you got to lose?

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