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Mashups of the Week: Bootstock, Jamie Foxx & more

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Copycat Mashups

Though he’s been on a hiatus from creating mashups (since his contribution to last year’s 2008 Mashed compilation, actually) Sweden’s Copycat has returned with a fresh track in celebration of AudioPorn Central‘s two year anniversary. From the Cat: “One of my absolute favorites during APC’s two-year existence is without a doubt Little Boots. We were quite early picking up La Hesketh and pretty soon her many unofficial tunes, remixes and long mixes became a staple on APC. We simply worshipped her and adored her impeccable taste in music, exemplified with numerous quirky covers and a BRILLIANT posse of remixers and producers by her side. Some days we could even post several of them in a row – in fact, it became kind of an challenge to scout new Little Boots related tracks and post them first…

Finally, when the big official debut release arrived, the magic was gone. Her first single was bland – and that’s me being kind. The rest of the new material on the album didn’t really impress me either. So I started to lose interest and found other obsessions. But when it was time to decide on a track for the AudioPorn Central anniversary, I couldn’t really see myself remixing anyone else than Little Boots. And just to make it interesting, I went for the aforementioned crap single – albeit in a terrific, wistful 80s infused remix by the ever so brilliant Fred Falke. Here it is accompanied by Duran Duran’s classic ‘Girls on Film’. My first mashup in ages. I’d almost forgot how fun it is to make them…

Copycat “Film Girls in Town” (mp3)

Late last week Metal Sucks put the spotlight on a ridiculous mash combining the likes of Dre and Snoop with the classic New York thrashers of Nuclear Assault. “First up we have Nuclear Assault mashed up with Snoop Doggy Dogg, or Snopp Dogg, or Snopp, or Calvin, or whatever the fuck he’s calling himself these days. And, kinda oddly, this mash-up doesn’t bother me so much. Maybe it’s just my fond memories of Doggystyle (1993 woot-woot!) and the pornographic cartoon that came with it, or maybe it’s just because, against all odds, the visibly stoned-out-of-his-gourd Snoop ended up being far and away the most entertaining act at Metallica’s MTV Icon thing (including Metallica).” Despite the kind words the song is fairly rough and ultimately a bit of a time-waster… good idea, just a little light on production value.

DJ Zebra Bootstock

DJ Zebra recently created a compilation that highlights source material from the original Woodstock festival, in celebration of the event’s 40th anniversary. “The original songs and sounds come from the “Woodstock” album and movie, and some studio recordings. This mix was aired on July 4th 2009 in the Zebramix radio broadcast, on Virgin Radio  France.” Mighty Mike and ToToM also jumped in with a pair of tracks for the mix.

DJ Zebra “With a Little Help From Soulwax” (mp3)

Hood Internet Jamie Foxx

Lastly, no week would be complete without a fresh track from Chicago’s Hood Internet. This time around the group’s ABX has combined R√∂yksopp and Jamie Foxx for what’s a surprisingly seductive slow jam. Also, for those who are heading to Lollapalooza the duo will be performing at 3:30 on Sunday.

ABX “Alcohol Forever” (mp3)

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