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ToToM releases new album: “Dylan Mashed”

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Bob Dylan Mashup

I don’t know what’s more impressive: a Bob Dylan-themed mashup album, or the fact that such a collection has been created by the traditionally gritty-sample leaning ToToM. After dropping his excellent trio of NineInchNails releases last year, by the name of Bootleg is Resistance, the French producer solidified himself (in my mind, at least) as one of the premier bootleggers to focus on harder rock (his many Queens of the Stone Age mashes are fantastic as well). But this is an entirely unique project altogether, and one that clearly projects ToToM’s talents beyond the confines which I had previously restricted him to.

Dylan Mashed is a unique mixture of the old and the new, combining the legendary singer/songwriter with artists ranging from Eagles of Death Metal to Gorillaz to Pixies. One track that immediately stuck with me was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs mash, “Freight Train Control.” After seeing the group perform live not too long ago, this adds a distinct new feeling to the song, one that definitely gives it a gentle feeling to accompany the brilliant atmospherics from the Brooklyn, New York trio. But don’t take my word as gospel, go download all 17 tracks at ToToM’s site.

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