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Yeasayer on La Blogothèque

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Question. Is the process of documentation made more important when the timing and impressiveness of its subject is second to none, or rather does is the subject a casualty of circumstance to be considered a mere bystander to the recording process? To view Yeasayer’s contribution to La Blogothèque’s unparalleled Take Away Show series is a unique experience of interaction and amazement, one that I think could not have been documented had any of the elements been slightly different.

“We’re going to do it, we’ll do it good.”

To improvise such versions of their own songs suggests that the band’s music isn’t just a set of songs to its members, but rather choruses that have been repeated over and over in dream to a point of concrete unforgettableness.

La Blogothèque, if only acting as a window into a few moments of time, has proven to be far more important and successful at capturing the spirit of music than the rest of us music blogs in one fell swoop.

Or maybe it’s just a blog and just a band, either way…quite entertaining, wouldn’t you say?