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Weezer “Make Believe” Review

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I must admit that I have been a Weezer fan since the first album…I saw them on tour when they were supporting Pinkerton…but…ouch, this album…not soo’s my 63 word review.

Beverly Hills: Meh. Perfect Situation: Not Really. This is Such a Pity: Yes it is. Hold Me: No. Peace: Not Likely. We Are All On Drugs: Apparently. The Damage in Your Heart: You Have No Idea. Pardon Me: No! Pardon Me! My Bestfriend: Unlikely. The Other Way: Try it Next Time. Freak Me Out: Bad Song. Haunt You Every Day: Cut it Out.

I actually listened to this a few (5-ish) times through, though I wanted to skip many tracks…7 of the 12 to be exact. Because I like Weezer, they sound good to me…PERIOD. I like them, PERIOD. I’ll probably like all they’re music in some form or another, PERIOD. If they made a Dub-influence Trip-Hop album, I’d probably like it, PERIOD. But, with that being said, I don’t like most of the songs on this album.

Key tracks:
“Beverly Hills” (this time the jokes on you God, I don’t watch Weezer on TV or listen to them on the radio, so this song is still fresh for me, SUCK IT!)
“Perfect Situation” (kind of…let’s call it a half-key-track)
“This is Such a Pity”
“We Are All On Drugs” (a little repetitive, but…when Rivers is all like “Give it to me,” Oh man, that hits the spot)
“My Best Friend” (once again, not the full-on key track thing)

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