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Yacht Rock’s Wade Randolph Visits JD Ryznar

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Though not necessarily as good as a new webisode of Yacht Rock, JD Ryznar (Michael MacDonald) and Wade Randolph (Daryl Hall) give a solid effort, in the process developing an innovative new style of rap that combines the popular medium with…politics. In the video the duo initially takes an online quiz to see which 2008 Presidential candidates they are best suited, only to then take the spirit of their unofficial nominees and create such groundbreaking lines as “My favorite Presidential nominee is Hilary, H to the ilary. She’s gonna run this country with skillary, you feelin’ me?” If only this were a segment were from Acceptable TV there might have been hope for the show.

UPDATE: I found the web site that was used to generate the appropriate candidates in this poll, and actually…I call shenanigans as I, too, am supposedly to be fond of one Mike Gravel. At least he’s out of the race now…though I still think it’s a sham that I’m to endorse him opposed to the other candidates – greater than Ron Paul – greater than Barack Obama…shenanigans.

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