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The Vice Guide to Travel

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There are multiple levels in which I am attracted to the Vice: Guide to Travel DVD, and each clip I’ve seen piles on the frustration of not personally being apart of something so dramatically inspiring. For when your job is tedious and offers you no formal outlet for thought, nor does it offer inspiration, you become really tired really fast of living each day to work. The laundry list of journalists working with Vice for this DVD is long and truly unique, and I have to imagine that each one of them thanks their lucky stars for being blessed with the opportunity they were given to discover something more about our world.

With that being said, the clips are ugly. They prove that much of your thoughts and suspicions were true about much of the world, giving you a first hand encounter with much of what is rarely even hinted at in mainstream news: radioactive leftovers, Aryan-nation members in Paraguay, the world’s largest underground arms market and more. So, on one hand it’s insightful and inspiring on the basis of discovering the reality of things, and on the other, it’s completely messed up. Maybe having the opportunity to watch the entire thing will further enlighten me, who knows.

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