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Spencer Dickinson “The Man Who Lives For Love”

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My boy, Jon Spencer, tag-teamed with some guys, Luther & Cody Dickinson, and rocked out on a collaborative effort which will see its domestic release, like…tomorrow. Spencer Dickinson looks to rump shake it into high gear with a generous amount of Spencer’s high potency vocal juju, but in all fairness, though I shy away from using any press releases for the most part to describe a band’s sound, I found YepRock’s fairly accurate, “Jon Spencer, heart-attack front man of the Blues Explosion and shudder-and-shake specialist of rockabilly wildmen Heavy Trash, takes on Luther and Cody Dickinson, masterminds of the North Mississippi All-Stars, in a no-holds-barred Mississippi Mud Fight, and the result is a rock’n’roll rumble and a darker side of soul!!!”

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