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Smashing Pumpkins: Zeitgeist and the Band’s Attempt to Reclaim its Former Hipness

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Finally catching up to the rumors that the band would reunite comes word that there would not only be a few festival dates but a new album, entitled Zeitgeist, set for release in July. But with only half of the original line-up in tact the band has received a number of criticisms as of late. Though I’d still probably consider the reunion successful without the inclusion of original bassist D’Arcy Wretzky – releasing new material under the moniker of Smashing Pumpkins without James Iha takes away much of the group’s luster. Melissa Auf der Maur has said that she’d partake in the group’s comeback as a stand-in bassist, just as she did for Wretzky after she left the group following the recording of Machina/Machine of the Gods. But with the current line-up there’s really little that separates the Pumpkins’ lineup from Zwan’s, which included Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlin and a few space-fillers (though one can assume they’re going to be talented space fillers).

That being said I’m still anticipating the release as it’s going to at least be average. If all else fails each member, past and present, have proven that at their lowest they are capable of solid music and I don’t see this situation as anything different. Zwan wasn’t amazing, nor did the group really live up to the hype surrounding its birth, but it wasn’t entirely bad either. And though it was torn to shreds by many critics, Corgan’s 2005 solo album TheFutureEmbrace was at times solid – boasting a few genuinely enjoyable tracks. If Auf der Maur were to rejoin the group, which is still up in the air as it has been rumored that former Jane’s Addition bassist Eric Avery has auditioned for the band, she too boasts a solid solo album that proved to many her musical capabilities.

I doubt that the album will be as bad as many think it will be, but if it is at least we still have Siamese Dream.

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