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Sleater-Kinney and Dead Meadow at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)

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Though I’ve known about the show for over a month, actually making it down there was a spur of the moment type situation. I had decided in the morning that I would take my little sister to the show, making it her first. When I remembered back to my first concert (The Cranberries & Cracker…it was free, I might add), I made my decision to make this her first concert attended…giving her credibility for the rest of her life. What are big brothers for?

The show opened at about half-capacity with Dead Meadow. Earlier in the day I was checking my mp3s for the band and didn’t find them anywhere in there…leaving me to believe that A) They sucked or B) I just hadn’t heard enough of them…and what I had heard…well, sucked…either way, I didn’t know what I was getting into with this band.

They opened with a slow brooding song, something I wasn’t accustomed to in the live setting; since most bands I see start with a bang. Instantly, I labelled them in my mind a failure and was waiting for the stars of the show. They proved me wrong however. In their 40 minute set, the rhythm section blasted 70’s anthems which were set under the Sonic Youth-ish reverb, wah wah, and other effects. The songs were typically the same style, being a slow start with a grand peak and finish and the band performed them with great cohesiveness.

After the band left the stage, the club filled to capacity, showing why Sleater-Kinney were able to be headliners. To compare my observations, I’ve got to reference a scene from “Chasing Amy.” When Affleck & Lee’s characters go to the gay-bar to see the band play and Lee’s character Banky finally realizes that the club is filled with women only for a reason…well, kind of the same realization I made this evening. There is a strong difference between the gay & lesbian community in a major metropolitan area such as Minneapolis compared to that of Storm Lake, Iowa; where I attend school. I experienced something tonight that I have yet to really see, and to be honest it really changed a lot of thoughts I had in the past. In Storm Lake my experienced have left me with feelings that the gay community (all 9 of them, or however many there are) have been shy, introverted and seemed as close minded as those oppressing them. My experience tonight has shown me that there is something special and wonderful about acceptance and unity…even if it comes from 250 pound women who throw their panties on stage (and don’t make it…I feel sorry for the guy leaning against the stage who was hit).

Those statements come from a very unexperienced viewpoint, and I understand this. I have never thought myself to be homophobic, racist or discriminatory of any other sense…(except the Jews…sweet mercy they suck…joking…) but when you are apart of something with such a positive atmosphere and view people of different backgrounds and lifestyles coming together…I’m not sure that things were ever meant to be any different.

The show was a smash and there was no question that it was both entertaining and uplifting. An excellent performance by Sleater-Kinney and an OK set by Dead Meadow.

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