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Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

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Manning checks in with sounds reminiscent of mid ’90s pop-glory along the lines of Matthew Sweet. How fitting as he was a member of indie pop-rock darlings Imperial Drag. Manning’s career has been amazingly expansive, but I first remember seeing Manning as a part of Beck’s band in the Sexx Laws video (which completely blew my mind away).

All this as well as completing an extensive history of great remixes of the likes of Jamiroquai and Air as well as a variety of solo-based electronic projects. Back to the pop-rock; Manning’s unorthodox blend of swirling, ambient sounds lighten the guitar and mask it, creating an absolute musical haze. Where does this creativity come from? Where did the man hone his skills on the keyboard which have brought him this great sound? How about working with A.F.I., The Dixie Chicks, Neil Diamond, Ziggy Marley, Mars Volta and Green Day to name a few!