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Pete Rock feat. Jim Jones: “We Roll”

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Since first hearing of Pete Rock I’ve come to enjoy the producer/MC most when he’s collaborating with other artists. Rock seems at home when he’s working with some of hip hop’s biggest names and egos, and as such my favorite track of his comes from his 1998 debut solo album, Soul Survivor, featuring the ever-sharp Method Man.

If one were to approach Rock’s forthcoming album using that same outlook, figuring that NY’s Finest will be only as good as its guest appearances, the outlook is killer; Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon the Chef and Masta Killa, Redman, Styles P and Jim Jones to name a few. “We Roll,” the Jim Jones collaboration, is the best of the first batch of singles released from the album, sliding a late night beat over relaxed funk…it’s almost like Rock was trying to echo someone…

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