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NOFX play “Half-FX” at SXSW Video

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One of the more enjoyable parts of not actually physically going to SXSW is that you don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to stand amongst inflated audiences to see bands that will probably play in your area within the next year… or so… especially when the typical set length for the bands you do end up seeing probably won’t come close to what you’d expect. We’re not talking P-Funk here, but a half hour just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

Presenting “Half-FX,” a set performed by NOFX consisting of, at most, the first verse and chorus of each song. So not only do you get to travel to see a short set amongst way too many people, but son…you don’t even get to see a full song.

And proving that print media is alive and well is Alternative Press who provide for us this video…of half of the set. I mean, we all know that the print-media thing is having a bit of a hard time these days, but only affording a camera man a half-set’s worth of battery time could be indicative of the state of the zine. Ah well, half of half of half ain’t bad.

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