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Pay Up, Here Come the Metermaids

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Metermaids EP

Inevitable comparisons to Minneapolis’ Atmosphere aside, New York’s Metermaids blaze a strict duality, finding balance between their grounded roots, gritty rhymes and lovable accessibility. MC Swell and DJ Spacecaboose offer up their own “bad advice” on the duo’s 2006 eponymous EP which lures its listener in through the soft and rhythmic “Let it Rain,” the suburban funk of “Don’t Sleep,” the organ-heavy “Back and Forth” and the introspective “Brand New.”

When asked recently what I was listening to, I had no other choice but to reply the Metermaids. I haven’t been this fond of a hip hop group for years, and if you take the time and listen to the rhymes, I hope you’ll feel that way too. Don’t stop with the EP, which is streaming from the group’s e-card, but check out some other great tracks like “Love Song” from the group’s MySpace site.

[This post was first published by Culture Bully.]