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Kanye West “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” Video

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“Can’t Tell Me Nothing” furthers Kanye West’s ongoing public introspection surrounding integrating his celebrity into his life, all the while attempting to figure out how to live freely in spite of it. How can you follow your religion when it asks for humility, live like you once did with your family and friends and most importantly prevent your mind from acting foolish and getting out of hand when you are financially set for life? “Life is a, uh, depending how you dress her. So if the devil wear Prada, Adam Eve wear Nada, I’m in between, but way more fresher.” Prada is Prada, but since when has Kanye been scrubbin’? Graduation will drop in September and is set to include “Homecoming” (Feat. Coldplay’s Chris Martin) and “Bittersweet” (Feat. John Mayer) which comes from the sessions for Kanye’s last record Late Registration.

[This post was first published by Culture Bully.]