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Far From Fallen Apart: Jack Peñate

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Jack Peñate plays with a careless party-like energy that made the masses love ska, not to fret though as Peñate lacks the trumpet-funk combination that lead to the downfall of ska and its three revivals. His songs, while easily grasped, and are written with such an innocence. “Got My Favourite…” is simply about his favorite things. His conclusion though – his favorite trousers, dog tags, coat aren’t necessarily just there to get him through his day but they’re there to help life live through him. See what I mean, a pure innocence – my stuff isn’t important, but damned if it doesn’t help me get through the day (except the H2 – that’s strictly for flossin’). That’s merely the b-side to his Second, Minute or Hour 7″ though, the title track is every bit as energetic and clearly spelled lyrics. “I lost my head, when I found my heart, but now with neither I’ve fallen all apart.” Can’t beat one liners like that, absolutely unsubtle in their approach but it wouldn’t feel right to hide them. Such is Jack Peñate.