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Playlist #19: Having the Neighbors Over For Dinner

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  1. Music Band “Unknown Pleasure”
  2. Life Without Buildings “PS Exclusive”
  3. Fever Blush “Maybe”
  4. Prince Rama “Bahia”
  5. DRC Music feat. Tout Puissant Mukalo & Nelly Liyemge “Hall”
  6. Photay “Illusion of Seclusion”
  7. Young Fathers “Rain or Shine”
  8. Peter Bjorn and John “Nothing to Worry About”
  9. The Weather Station “Thirty”
  10. Great Grand Sun “Pitter Pat People”
  11. Steve Gunn “Way Out Weather”
  12. Tom Petty “Time to Move On”
  13. Ween “Tried and True”
  14. Pierre Cavalli “Possarinhos”
  15. Hiroshi Suzuki “Cat”
  16. Mac DeMarco “Still Beating”
  17. The Brian Jonestown Massacre “Animal Wisdom”
  18. Black Mountain “Radiant Hearts”
  19. Two Lone Swordsmen “It’s Not the Worst (Lali Puna Remix)”
  20. The Cinematic Orchestra “All Things”
  21. The Submarines “Modern Inventions”
  22. JOTA ESE “Bitch I Would Never”
  23. Beastie Boys “Futterman’s Rule”
  24. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “I Wanna Make It Alright”
  25. Country Westerns “Anytime”
  26. David Bowie “Young Americans”
  27. Thundercat “Dragonball Durag”
  28. Paul White “Returning”
  29. Westernmind “11_1”
  30. Hammock “The Night You Caught on Fire”

Several news cycles have come and gone since Alex Jones went on a tirade about how he wasn’t scared to nibble on his neighbors, if it came right down to it, though I’m still not sure what sort of apocalyptic near-future he’s envisioning where there’s no access to food, leaving everyone to resort only to cannibalism. Even Zombieland had Twinkies. Putting the video aside, it did remind me of SNFU‘s “Cannibal Cafe,” which I was hoping to add to this playlist, though it turns out isn’t on Spotify in its original form. There are several versions of it, though none being the (far far superior) original from the band’s 1984 …And No One Else Wanted to Play. The song is completely out of step with the rest of the mix, but it’s worth including here if only for a little extra Canadiana in this post.

There were several years there where JOTA ESE was releasing his Super Dank mixes like clockwork on 4/20, but this year he put out FabergĂ© ESE, which strays from the blunted beat blueprint by moving closer to lo-fi pop. The album has a couple of interesting guests, too, though it wasn’t until a friend pointed out the liner notes on Bandcamp that I realized Justin Kalk and Ron Gallo had a hand in its creation. As that same wise friend is often quick to remind me, Nashville is a small town in certain circles. I can’t decide on a favorite from the release, but “Bitch I Would Never” is up there on the list.

A couple weeks back I was listening through the new albums from Childish Gambino and Thundercat while doing some yard work. I can’t say much from Gambino’s 3.15.20 stuck with me, but there are several Thundercat tracks I really appreciate, including the third of five singles from It Is What It Is, “Dragonball Durag.”

Besides that, the playlist flows through a whole load of unrelated artists in a way that works for me, blending in some tracks from local acts including Music Band, Fever Blush, and Westernmind. I’d regret it if I didn’t take this moment to also share the music video for “Nothing to Worry About” from Peter Bjorn and John, because how often does an opportunity present itself to bask in the glory of Tokyo’s rockabilly dance gang, Black Shadow? Not often enough.