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Har Mar Superstar brings “Tall Boy” to Late Night

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Har Mar Superstar Late Night Tall Boy

Har Mar Superstar made an unusually clothed (as in, he actually had clothes on) appearance last night when Late Night with Jimmy Fallon hosted a performance of “Tall Boy,” the first single from the new album Dark Touches. Originally penned for Britney Spears, the song is accompanied by a pair of music videos which were released earlier this month. The first features guest appearances by Eva Mendes, Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat and Eric Wareheim, while the second is a “director’s cut” that essentially features the same thing in slow-motion, with a larger cast of “intergalactic beauties” getting “wet and sparkly.” Sean Tillman will be returning to the Twin Cities for a show at the Triple Rock with Kool Keith this coming November 5. 

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