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Patience Hodgson (of the Grates) Interview

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Building a lively reputation for the band in its native Australia, The Grates found great success including nods from Australia’s national radio station Triple J and the Australian Recording Industry Awards (ARIA). The band is completing the North American leg of its current tour which corresponds with its album’s recent release in the States. Singer, and all around ball of fire, Patience Hodgson checks in after a late night international flight to discuss the band’s reception in its native Australia, what can be expected when heading out to the band’s live show and The Grates’ ultimate swan song.

Growing up in Canada has given me a tremendous appreciation for a variety of Canadian bands. What Australian groups have had the most influence on you and your music?

Patience Hodgson: There are so many great Australian bands that never get the chance to tour overseas & being Canadian, you guys would probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Some Australian bands that we have admired in the past are Regurgitator, Grinspoon & Spiderbait. There are some really great new Aussie indie bands too like I Heart Hirroshima, Violent Soho, Operator Please, New Rules For Boats, Little Birdy, Faker, Expatriate, Sarah Blasko (not a band but amazing…) and we also love The Vines!

How did the release of your EP help prepare it for the full blown release of “Gravity Wont Get You High?”

Patience Hodgson: Well it definitely meant that people could hear our music & gave them some insight as to what we do. It’s a much dirtier more lo-fi sound but between the two you can still hear everything that makes us us. The release of the EP just helped us gain a small audience & presence & also help us get on some great tours like Go! Team & We Are Scientist.

How has touring and the band’s reception in your native country compared to touring and playing abroad?

Patience Hodgson: Every country’s different & things in Australia are going awesome! They love it when we tour overseas ‘cause we’re representing! Things are obviously not on the same scale everywhere ‘cause our album’s come out at different times. For example our album’s only been released in north america for 2 weeks or something now. I definitely think our biggest asset is live shows though!

You left a lasting impression on my sister when she saw you when you opened for The Go! Team in Minneapolis. What can someone expect to see when coming to see The Grates live?

Patience Hodgson: A bunch of nerds & girl next door types rocking out to their own sounds & having a great time! Plus maybe some jokes & ribbon tricks!

As summer is slowly fading away and fall approaches, what can be expected from the band in the coming months?

Patience Hodgson: Hopefully a sweet tour filled with fall romance near a pot belly wood fire! If only! No fires on the bus! Maybe a tour of our own!

If the band had one final show to play, who would you most like to share the stage with?

Patience Hodgson: Giant Drag! Fiona Apple! Flaming Lips! The Vines! I Heart Hirroshima! Best swan song ever!

[This post was first published by Culture Bully.]