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Dallas Cowboys’ 2007 Season in 8 Seconds

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How many people didn’t see this coming… OK, how many people don’t care but find it mildly amusing that Jessica Simpson is on the fast track to bringing failure to every man she sleeps with? But for reals, you didn’t see this coming?

No matter how much I’d like to get into Super Bowl favorites (and I will: the Patriots will probably win) I must point out that while I’m technically rooting for the team I’m not really cheering for Randy Moss or Tom Brady. Rather, I’m cheering for them because the Patriots were simply the last team whom Doug Flutie played for during his illustrious career. Had the all-around Raddest Dude to Ever Lay Finger to a Football in fact come back for one last stint with the Argos I may have had to wait a few years before paying attention to the NFL again. But as such, I’m cheering for the Patriots. Deal with it.

Doug Flutie Drop Kick

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