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Ken Jordan (of the Crystal Method) Interview

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The Crystal Method typically steps outside of the given borders within modern electronica, and have historically done so, especially with releases such as 2004’s rock-tinged outlet, Legion of Boom. Most recently The Crystal Method have recorded Drive, the first of its kind, a 45 minute cross training mix exclusively through iTunes and Nike. In this interview The Crystal Method’s Ken Jordan discusses the Drive project, rock influence within his music and the prospects of a full-length studio album in the near future.

Like the breakthrough debut Vegas did, I believe the new integrated athletic mix will catch the attention of many within the realm of electronic music. How does this project compare to creating and releasing an album and what unique challenges does it offer?

Ken Jordan: This was a very interesting and challenging project. The process was a mix between a new studio LP and a mix CD. Every track except “Roadhouse Blues” is ours. Every track is brand new and not available anywhere else. It was fun making something for a specific purpose. Normally we go into the studio and just make tracks for ourselves and aren’t concerned with too much else. Drive had to not only sound great to us but also work for the runner. We worked very hard making that happen and we’re really happy with the end result.

The electronic music scene seems to be lacking innovation and experimentation in recent years. What is The Crystal Method doing to offset stagnant trends?

Ken Jordan:We are always experimenting, in and out of the studio, and hopefully we’ll continue to innovate.

Since The Crystal Method’s birth in 1993 what have been the most enjoyable projects that you’ve worked on and how does the new Drive project compare?

Ken Jordan: We’ve had a lot of highlights: working with Filter, playing a fashion show in Milan for Donatella Versace, working with Tom Morello, headlining the Hollywood Bowl, playing Coachella, selling over a million records; but really, the most satisfaction comes from just making good records and we’re as proud of Driveas anything we’ve done.

In the past there have been a few drifts, hints and teases at a full blown rock production, such as the collaboration with Filter’s Richard Patrick and tracks such as Legion of Boom’s guitar-ridden “Weapons of Mass Distortion.” Are there any future plans to continue that direction with the group’s music?

Ken Jordan: We love rock and we like to rock. I think you’ll always hear rock influences in The Crystal Method’s music.

What are the plans for the follow-up to 2004’s Grammy nominated Legion of Boom?

Ken Jordan: Well since L.O.B. we’ve released Community Service II and this year we put out the soundtrack CD from London and just released Drive, our next studio LP should be out in early 2007 with a live tour to follow.

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