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Common “The People” Video

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It’s odd to think of Common as a socialist, but after taking some time to look closer at his lyrics for “The People” it’s hard not to think of him as such. Throughout the song his lyrics reflect that of a deeper unsettling feeling, describing his motive in life as one to uplift those around him. Talking to a friend yesterday I realized that I’ve been following Common for almost ten years and throughout that time he has consistently been the voice of power and strength in a sometimes fickle genre. “Sick and tired of bunchin it, I look on the bus at them, when I see them struggling, I think how I’m touchin them.” Going by the thought that you can’t do everything for everyone Common nonetheless continues to offer his words as a pillar for people to lean on, not cash, money or hos for his people to dream on (sorry, it’s the best I’ve got). Socialism may not necessarily be at the core of Common’s message however the idea is far from absent within his lyrics.