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The Colour “Devil’s Got A Holda Me” EP Review

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Rather than a slow brooding rock monster, what seems to be at the core of The Colour is a bit of a paranoid, caffeine induced garage-blues. The LA-based band has a funny way about associating its modern sound with traditional rock, especially within the confines of the EP’s lead track “The Devil’s Gotta Holda Me.” It seems to lyrically borrow tag lines from non-existent classic songs throughout its entire run. Just the title itself “The Devil’s Gotta Holda Me” sounds like a Stones title, doesn’t it? In hindsight, he entire EP has a way of sounding like an original, while being far from it.

There’s a funkyness within the music that inspires a continued movement within its listener that is of obvious note. It almost makes you want to dance. That cute dance Axl Rose made famous in the late 80’s, the one where he sways from side to side, while not taking his toes off the floor, yeah, that kind of dance. Might even inspire a Mick Jaggeresque bop to the choppy rhythm section in “Until We’re High.” Either way, there’s something there that isn’t to be missed.

“The glut of bands in the LA music scene has a Darwinian effect: if you make it out alive, you’re primed for glory.” I strongly disagree with this statement from the band’s press release, but nonetheless there’s a strong chance that with the band’s full-album follow up to this EP, they could very well prove part of that statement correct. The Colour are primed for glory.

[This post was first published by Culture Bully.]