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Canadian ’90s Rock Playlists (Spotify/YouTube)

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Playlists of Canadian alt, modern + pop rock from the ‘late ’80s to early ’00s:

YouTube playlist / Canadian ’90s Rock Music Videos 🇨🇦

Spotify Playlist: Canadian ’90s Rock 🇨🇦

Artist/BandSong TitleSpotifyYT
54/40Baby Ran
54/40Casual Viewin’
54/40Crossing a Canyon
54/50I Go Blind
54/40Lies to Me
54/40Love You All
54/40Nice to Luv You
54/40Ocean Pearl
54/40Since When
The Age of ElectricEnya
The Age of ElectricI Don’t Mind
The Age of ElectricRemote Control
The Age of ElectricUgly
Alanis MorissetteAll I Really Want
Alanis MorissetteHand in My Pocket
Alanis MorissetteHead Over Feet
Alanis MorissetteIronic
Alanis MorissetteSo Pure
Alanis MorissetteThank U
Alanis MorissetteUnsent
Alanis MorissetteYou Learn
Alanis MorissetteYou Oughta Know
Amanda MarshallLet it Rain
Artificial Joy ClubCrawl
Artificial Joy ClubSick & Beautiful
Ashley MacIsaacBeaton’s Delight
Ashley MacIsaacBrenda Stubbert
Ashley MacIsaacThe Devil in the Kitchen
Ashley MacIsaacRusty D-Con-STRUCK-tion
Ashley MacIsaacSleepy Maggie
Ashley MacIsaacSpoonboy
Barenaked LadiesBrian Wilson
Barenaked LadiesEnid
Barenaked LadiesIf I Had $1,-000,000
Barenaked LadiesIt’s All Been Done
Barenaked LadiesThe Old Apartment
Barenaked LadiesOne Week
Barney BentallDo Ya
Barney BentallI’m Shattered
Barstool ProphetsLast of the Big Game Hunters
Barstool ProphetsLittle Death (Oh Mary Mary)
Barstool ProphetsParanoia
Bif NakedMoment of Weakness
Bif NakedSpaceman
Big SugarBetter Get Used to It
Big SugarDiggin’ A Hole
Big SugarIf I Had My Way
Big SugarThe Scene
Big SugarTurn the Lights On
Big WreckBlown Wide Open
Big WreckThe Oaf
Big WreckThat Song
Bloody ChiclettsOn and On
Bloody ChiclettsShe’s a Freak
Bran Van 3000Drinking in L.A.
Bryan Adams18 Til I Die
Bryan AdamsBack to You (live)
Bryan AdamsDo To You
Bryan AdamsThe Only Thing That Looks Good On Me (Is You)
Bryan AdamsPlease Forgive Me
Change of HeartIt Should Be
Change of HeartLittle Kingdoms
Chantal KreviazukGod Made Me
Chantal KreviazukSurrounded
Colin JamesHide
Cowboy JunkiesA Common Disaster
Cowboy JunkiesSweet Jane
Crash Test DummiesAfternoons & Coffeespoons
Crash Test DummiesHe Liked to Feel It
Crash Test DummiesIn the Days of the Caveman
Crash Test DummiesKeep a Lid on Things
Crash Test DummiesMmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Crash Test DummiesSuperman’s Song
Danko JonesBounce
David UsherForestfire
DefaultWasting My Time
Econoline CrushAll That You Are
Econoline CrushHome
Econoline CrushSparkle & Shine
Econoline CrushSurefire
Econoline CrushYou Don’t Know What It’s Like
EdwinHang Ten
Eric’s TripBehind the Garage
FurnacefaceBiff Bang Pow
FurnacefaceSlip and Stumble
The GandharvasDowntime
The GandharvasWatching the Girl
GobI Hear You Calling
HeadstonesAnd(Headstones Playlist)
HeadstonesBlonde & Blue(Headstones Playlist)
HeadstonesCemetery(Headstones Playlist)
HeadstonesCubically Contained(Headstones Playlist)
HeadstonesHearts, Love & Honor
HeadstonesIt’s All Over(Headstones Playlist)
HeadstonesSettle(Headstones Playlist)
HeadstonesSmile & Wave(Headstones Playlist)
HeadstonesWhen Something Stands for Nothing(Headstones Playlist)
Holly ColeI’ve Just Seen a Face
Holly McNarlandCoward
Holly McNarlandElmo
Holly McNarlandNumb
Huevos RancherosGet Outta Dodge
Huevos RancherosRockin’ in the Henhouse
Huevos RancherosSmartbomb
Huevos RancherosWhat a Way to Run a Railroad
I Mother EarthAnother Sunday
I Mother EarthLevitate
I Mother EarthOne More Astronaut
I Mother EarthRain Will Fall
I Mother EarthRaspberry
I Mother EarthSo Gently We Go
I Mother EarthSummertime in the Void
I Mother Earth Used to Be Alright
Jann ArdenCould I Be Your Girl
Jann ArdenGood Mother
Jann ArdenInsensitive
JunkhouseOut of My Head
JunkhousePearly White
The KilljoysRave + Drool
The KilljoysSoaked
The KilljoysToday I Hate Everyone
Kim Stockwood12 Years Old
Kim StockwoodShe’s Not in Love
Kim StockwoodYou Jerk
LimblifterAriel vs. Lotus
LimblifterScrewed it Up
LimblifterTin Foil
LimblifterWake Up to the Sun
Mary Jane LamondHoro Ghoid Thu Nighean (A Stepping Song)
Matthew Good BandApparitions
Matthew Good BandDeep Six
Matthew Good BandEverything is Automatic
Matthew Good BandHello Time Bomb
Matthew Good BandIndestructible
Matthew Good BandLoad Me Up
Melanie DoaneAdam’s Rib
MoistBelieve Me
The Monoxides(Can’t Get) Excited
The MonoxidesLittle Bitta Rosie
The MonoxidesTurn Up My Stereo
Neil YoungDowntown
The New MeaniesLetting Time Pass
New RadicalsYou Get What You Give
The Northern PikesShe Ain’t Pretty
OddsEat My Brain
OddsHeterosexual Man
OddsI Would Be Your Man
OddsIt Falls Apart
OddsMake You Mad
OddsTruth Untold
Our Lady Peace4am
Our Lady PeaceAutomatic Flowers
Our Lady PeaceClumsy
Our Lady PeaceIs Anybody Home?
Our Lady PeaceNaveed
Our Lady PeaceOne Man Army
Our Lady PeaceStarseed
Our Lady PeaceSuperman’s Dead
The Philosopher KingsCry
The Philosopher KingsHurts to Love You
The Philosopher KingsI Am the Man
The Philosopher KingsYou Don’t Love Me
ProzzakStrange Disease
ProzzakSucks to Be You
PureChocolate Bar
PureSpiritual Pollution
The Pursuit of HappinessI’m An Adult Now
RustyEmpty Cell
RustyGroovy Dead
RustySoul for Sale
RustyWake Me
Rymes with OrangeI Believe
Rymes with OrangeShe Forgot to Laugh
Rymes with OrangeToy Train
Sarah McLachlanAdia
Sarah McLachlanBuilding a Mystery
Sarah McLachlanSweet Surrender
See Spot RunAu Naturel
See Spot RunWeightless
Serial JoeMistake
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy PlanetHaving an Average Weekend
SkyLove Song
SloanEverything You’ve Done Wrong
SloanThe Good in Everyone
SloanThe Lines You Amend
SloanMoney City Maniacs
SloanShe Says What She Means
StarkickerGet Up
Sum 41Fat Lip
Sum 41The Hell Song
Sum 41In Too Deep
Sum 41Makes No Difference
Sum 41Still Waiting
Sum 41Summer
The Super FriendzKarate Man
Tal BachmanShe’s So High
The Tea PartyBabylon(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartyThe Badger(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartyThe Bazaar(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartyA Certain Slant of Light(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartyFire in the Head(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartyHeaven Coming Down(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartyLullaby(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartyPsychopomp(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartyRaven Skies(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartyThe River(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartySave Me(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartySister Awake(The Tea Party Playlist)
The Tea PartyTemptation(The Tea Party Playlist)
Tom CochraneI Wish You Well
The Tragically HipAhead By a Century(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipAt the Hundredth Meridian(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipBlow at High Dough(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipBobcaygeon(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipCourage (For Hugh MacLennan)(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipGift Shop(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipGreasy Jungle(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipIt Can’t Be Nashville Every Night(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipIt’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipLast American Exit(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipLocked in the Trunk of a Car(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipLittle Bones(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipMy Music at Work(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipNautical Disaster(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipNew Orleans is Sinking(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipPoets(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipSmall Town Bringdown(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipSomething On(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipThugs(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
The Tragically HipVaccination Scar(The Tragically Hip Playlist)
Treble ChargerEven Grable
Treble ChargerFriend of Mine
Treble ChargerMorale
Treble ChargerRed
The WatchmenAny Day Now
The WatchmenBoneyard Tree
The WatchmenStereo
Widemouth MasonMidnight Rain
Widemouth MasonMy Old Self
Wild StrawberriesI Don’t Want to Think About It