Best Twin Cities Albums of 2008

Best Music of 2008

#1) Gay Witch Abortion Maverick

The best heavy band in the Twin Cities – period.

#2) A Night in the Box Write A Letter

A fantastic album with a cohesiveness that suggests A Night in the Box will be giving us great music for many years to come.

#3) The Battle Royale Wake Up! Thunderbabe

Wake Up, Thudnerbabe! perfectly translates the group’s attitude of carelessness, full of music as fun and unassuming as anything else in 2008.

#4) Muja Messiah MPLS Massacre

The precursor to Thee Adventures of a B-Boy D-Boy, MPLS Massacre didn’t have enough time this year to be given the credit it fully deserves.

#5) Nobot & the Estate Magical Remix Project

A reminder as to how fantastic split releases can be. If it were a full-length release, it could have easily been the biggest local release of the year.

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