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Best Mashups of 2007

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DJ Nicky T Mashups

#15) DJ Nicky T “Woohaa” [MP3]
(AC/DC vs Busta Rhymes)

DJ Maxentropy Mashups

#14) DJ Maxentropy “Glamorous Ex Gf” [MP3]
(Fergie vs. Matt Willis)

#13) Pheugoo “I Was Signed for Loving You” [MP3]
(Snoop Dogg feat. C. Wilson & Justin Timberlake vs. Kiss)

DJ MDSB Mashups

#12) DJ MDSB “All My Friends” [MP3]
(LCD Soundsystem vs. John Cale vs. Franz Ferdinand)

Lobsterdust Mashups

#11) DJ Lobsterdust “Baby Arrow” [MP3]
(Marvin Gaye vs. Mary Wells vs. The Carpenters vs. The Album Leaf)

Hood Internet ABX

#10) ABX “Wouldn’t Grip Far” [MP3]
(The Go! Team vs. The Game)

DJ Erb Mashups

#9) DJ Erb “Ecstasy of Gold” [MP3]
(Ennio Morricone vs. Nas)

Dunproofin Mashups

#8) Dunproofin’ “Fiddy Fiddy Fiddy Fiddy” [MP3]
(Kaiser Chiefs vs. 50 Cent)

Hood Internet Mashups

#7) ABX “Tambourine Reckoning” [MP3]
(Radiohead vs. Eve)

Lenlow Mashups

#6) Lenlow “Bjorn Slippy” [MP3]
(Underworld vs. Peter Bjorn & John)

Hood Internet

#5) DJ STV SLV “Lose My Waters of Naza(b)reath” [MP3]
(Justice vs. Destiny’s Child)

DJ Morgoth Mashups

#4) DJ Morgoth “Starz on the Boogie” [MP3]
(Just Jack vs. Jay-Kid)

Arty Fufkin Sleeveface

#3) Arty Fufkin “Liar in a Brianstorm” [MP3]
(Beyonce feat. Shakira vs. Arctic Monkeys)

A Plus D Mashups

#2) A plus D “Close to Konichiwa Bitches” [MP3]
(Robyn vs. The Cure)

Copycat Knowing the Rhythm is Right

#1) Copycat “Knowing the Rhythm is Right” [MP3]
(Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland vs. Abba vs. Sagi Rei)

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