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Best Mashups of 2006

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In 2006 mashups saw a decline in mainstream acceptance as casual listeners lost interest and media outlets which once bolstered the musical niche regressed to their initial state of disinterest. But beneath the increasing skepticism a strong base of bootleggers kept creating music which still found a fan base with their ever-present originality. In an expansion of last year’s list I’ve put together my favorite mashes of 2006. And just like last year, there may be some which weren’t made in 2006, but don’t worry about it. Just listen and I hope that when you do, you love what you hear. And if you do love what you hear, please click the links and explore more about these great (dare I say) musicians.

Arty Fufkin Mashups

#25) Arty Fufkin “Barrel of a Goo” [MP3]
(Beastie Boys vs. Sonic Youth)

Had you heard this song without any previous knowledge of the Beasties but “Sabotage” you’d have no other choice but to believe it to be a b-side. Likewise devoted Sonic Youth fans have to feel a sense of pride as the boot proves the band’s most successful material to have legs far beyond the interest of its critics.

Totom Mashups

#24) Totom “Get Down Only” [MP3]
(Nine Inch Nails vs. Kool and the Gang)

Developing a complete mash album is a tricky task at best. Somewhere between the über successful Grey Album and the hit and miss American Edit mix comes Totom’s With Boots, a strange mix revolving around Nine Inch Nails’ 2005 album With Teeth. While the mix compels itself towards a darker theme through mashes with the likes of Joy Division and David Bowie it is the mash with Kool and the Gang that offers the best and most complete contrast on the mix.

Sam Flanagan Mashups

#23) Sam Flanagan “Witness The Curtains Closing” [MP3]
(Arctic Monkeys vs Roots Manuva)

Not simply finding itself the prominent track featured from the Arctic Monkeys Remixed project, Flanagan’s “Witness the Curtains Closing” found its own audience through a variety of under the radar fan sites. Despite mild critical acclaim (finding itself noted on Zoo Magazine’s ‘Top 10 New Tracks’) the song, determined to contradict the backlash facing one of the year’s most hyped bands, left its impact on fans and bootleggers alike.

Bobby Martini Mashups

#22) Bobby Martini “Big Time Dare” [MP3]
(Gorillaz vs Peter Gabriel)

Having the ability to create a deeply enjoyable song out of two songs that only appeal on a superficial level is what bootlegs are all about and “Big Time Dare” is one such song.

Bobby Martini Fergie Mashup

#21) DJ Maxentropy “Short Skirt London Bridge” [MP3]
(Fergie vs Cake)

My dad hates Fergie, and I can’t say that I don’t agree with his sentiments. But when fitted with a new pair of comfortable musical clothes however she becomes tolerable. Well, mildly tolerable… “Short Skirt London Bridge” reminds you why you liked Cake in the first place…even if that means that you have to listen to Fergie in the process.

DJ Nicky T Mashup

#20) DJ Nicky T “Shaggy Fat Boy” [MP3]
(Shaggy vs. Fatboy Slim)

“Say it wasn’t you.” Fatboy Slim’s music is essentially a shoo-in for laying the backbone to any successful mash-up. With that being said, mixing in a somehow-lovable story of infidelity makes more sense than others, allowing “Praise You” to act as an additional voice in the story rather than simply musical accompaniment.

dj BC Wu-Tang Wu Orleans Mashups

#19) dj BC “Beneath Dumaine Street” [MP3]
(Wu Orleans)

How rare is it to create a relevant mash-up, let alone an entire album’s worth? dj BC’s Wu-Orleans grasped the most attention of the year as its timely release fueled pride in The Big Easy with a shot of hip hop royalty. “Beneath Dumaine Street” is simply a drop in what the mix has to offer.

DJ not-I Mashups

#18) DJ not-I “Feel All Apologies” [MP3]
(Blackalicious vs Nirvana)

Literally hundreds of mashes attempt to interject some freshness into Nirvana however most find themselves far too busy. The oversimplified loop of “I Feel All Apologies” allows the mash an unglamorous headliner to shine over top it, allowing both acts to flourish. Neither too much nor too little Nirvana, but just enough to make you feel that way.

Synchronoize Mashups

#17) Synchronoize “Sweet Times of Mine” [MP3]
(Foo Fighters vs Guns N’ Roses)

When I first heard how easily these two songs fell into each other it blew my mind. Though not the finest example of a mash-up, it takes two songs that the majority of modern rock fans are aware of and creates something refreshing out of them. And at this point, anything that includes both Axl and the words refreshing should be given your attention.

dj BC Mashup

#16) DJ BC “They Might Be Starting” [MP3]
(They Might Be Giants vs. Will Smith vs. Pink)

Remember when you first heard The Fresh Prince theme song and felt it slightly edgy, all the while you still realized that it was on NBC. This song is kind of like that, successfully reminding you that however innocent his words might be, Will Smith can still be at least a little bit entertaining.

Marvin Gaye Oasis Mashup

#15a) Go Home Productions “Oasis Are Gaye (Sexual Wonderwall)” [MP3]
(Oasis vs. Marvin Gaye)
#15b) Go Home Productions “Sexual High” [MP3]
(Marvin Gaye vs Radiohead)

2005 proved The White Stripes to be one of the most overmashed groups, this year found Marvin Gaye in quite the same position. But along the way Mark Vidler found not just one, but two ways to give Gaye mashes a new energy. Brit pop was apparently all it took, who knew? If you have to choose, though, I suggest the Radiohead mash.

Beastie Boys Oasis Mashup

#14) Irn Mnky “Shake Lylas Rump” [MP3]
(Oasis vs Beastie Boys)

One of the greatest things about making vocal only tracks available to fans for the purposes of mixing is the freedom fans have when tinkering with the songs. Likewise, when you find the perfect few chords and figure out a way to make things work just right, nothing is better.

A Plus D Mashups

#13) A plus D “Beethoven’s Fifth Gold Digger” [MP3]
(Kanye West vs. Beethoven vs. Walter Murphy)

One of the most acclaimed duos in all of bootlegging, DJs Adrian Roberts and The Mysterious D, find a way to create one of the year’s best mashes by being one of the first to supremely utilize classical music. Oh, and by helping people forget how ridiculous Kanye West became this past year doesn’t hurt either.

CCC Mashups

#12) CCC “3 MCs and 4 Mods” [MP3]
(The Who vs Beastie Boys)

Last year proved Beastie/The Who mashes to be a terrific blend pace and rhythm. And like all Beastie mixes, one of the greatest upsides to it is that, well, the Beasties are in it.

Tom Petty Run DMC Mashup

#11) DJ BC “Free ADIDAS” [MP3]
(Run DMC vs. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers)

This is ridiculous. In a similar manner to that of the Foo Fighters/Guns N’ Roses mash, “Free A.D.I.D.A.S.” sounds like it was always meant to be a single from the beginning. While Petty hasn’t ever really publicly accepted hip hop the way that Aerosmith did in the 1980′s, the song makes you wonder what might’ve been if he had.

Arty Fufkin Mashups

#10) Arty Fufkin “Crazy Logic” [MP3]
(Supertramp vs. Gnarls Barkley)

“Crazy Logic” doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel but rather serves as a great way to listen to the best of both Supertramp and Gnarls Barkley after hearing “Crazy” for the two hundredth time this year.

Johnny Cash Wu-Tang Mashup

#9) Irn Mnky “J.C.R.E.A.M (Johnny Cash Rules Everything Around Me)” [MP3]
(Johnny Cash vs Wu-Tang Clan)

Not simply diving into uncharted waters with the Wu-Tang/Johnny Cash mix, but doing so successfully proves Irn Mnky to be one of the most unique mashers of the year. And come on, the song’s name alone is well worth the price of admission.

Manegaux DJ Mashups

#8) Menegaux “Going Back To Dani” [MP3]
(Notorious B.I.G. vs Red Hot Chili Peppers)

A lot of song’s attempt to utilize Notorious B.I.G.’s lyrics over a well known rock song but for some reason “Going Back To Dani” works the best. Even if the song might not really be the Chili’s finest work, it still works. Or is it even a Chili Peppers song at all?

Also: Dan Gaffney Show – Tom Petty vs Red Hot Chili Peppers [MP3]

Flaming Lips Mary J Can Run DMC Prince

#7) Go Home Productions “Flaming Mary Can (Out) Run Prince” [MP3]
(The Flaming Lips vs. Mary J. Blige vs. Can vs. Run DMC vs. Prince)

Though the song as a whole isn’t better than any of its parts, it is the year’s best 3+ artist mashes, showing that it is in fact possible to hold my attention for more than five minutes. If only my childhood psychologist could see me now.

DJ erb Mashups

#6) DJ Erb “Regulate Dust in the Wind” [MP3]
(Kansas vs Warren G)

When first listening to this song you may not understand why I think so highly of it. Though I now cannot listen to “Dust in the Wind” without thinking of Old School, I now cannot listen to Warren G without thinking of Yacht Rock. It’s just so smooth! (find out what I’m talking about – click here)

For Those About To Clown

#5) DJ Riko “For Those About to Clown” [MP3]
(Angus Young vs. Smokey Robinson vs. John Bonham)

Ever get the feeling that you can’t express your love for Smokey Robinson because your metal friends will more than likely kick your ass? Fear no more my friend, allow DJ Riko to introduce you to the solution, “For Those About to Clown.”

KRS-One Mashup

#4) DJ BC “Da Sound of Da Irish Police Band” [MP3]

The song itself isn’t overly complex, but the vision to mash KRS-One’s well versed rhymes over the fiddle (thanks Jon) is. And it’s awesome!

A Plus D Mashups Bootie

#3) A plus D “Nelly Furtado’s Crazy” [MP3]
(Nelly Furtado vs Gnarls Barkley)

Again taking a “duh” idea and creating something amazing out of it A plus D provide a look into celebrity karaoke by mashing one of the many hundred covers of “Crazy” with “Crazy” itself. The first listen proves to be a moment where you can’t believe that you didn’t already think of it…or for that matter, why anyone else didn’t think of it.

Mark Vidler Go Home Productions

#2) Go Home Productions “Alive and Nellified” [MP3]
(Nelly vs Mooney Suzuki)

If rap-rock were ever to rear its ugly face ’round these parts again I would only dream that it take the face of Vidler’s “Alive and Nellified.” Utilizing both an overrated rapper and an underrated garage band proves nothing less than mind-blowing with this track.


#1) Flosstradamus “Overnight Star” [MP3]
(Twista vs Sigur Rós)

Chicago’s Flosstradamus join many in that they simply dabble in bootlegging while devoting the bulk of their time to DJing, but the creative input that went into this Icelandic speed-flow would suggest that the duo might want to spend a little more time mashing.

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