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The World’s 50 Best Works of Art

Published in Blog, Culture Bully.

Moal Easter Island

The original idea behind the Culture Roll was to explore various non-music related items without subtracting too much attention from the focus of the site…it’s “kinda like a blogroll, but more like a place to put links about cool stuff.” Ultimately however, it has become a place to dump funny videos…which isn’t a bad thing necessarily as I loves me some humor, but it’s just not what I set out to do. There’s a lot of culture out there that infects each of our lives, however it just so happens that in the past two months my life has been heavily affected primarily by music and humor. Today I was introduced to a list curated by critic Martin Gayford laying out The World’s 50 Best Works of Art (and how to see them)…or at least the world’s best works of art as far as he is concerned.

While I attended a liberal arts university I, myself, never took a proper art course of any type; as such my only education has come from personal research, extended stays around the Americas and a sweep of the local happenings here in the Twin Cities. When I come across these types of lists or postings the vast majority of such subjects are either new to me or are pieces that I only have superficial ideas about before delving a bit deeper into the subject matter. Though this particular list is limited to its author’s bias (I myself am biased towards a lot of early 20th Century Russian artists ala Kandinsky for… whatever reason) it’s a brilliant starting point for those such as myself, those who are just beginning their appreciation of art.

While I generally appreciate the difficulty to succeed in presentation through the medium I am typically not a big fan of sculpture as a whole. That being said, in his article Gayford introduced me to two abnormal pieces by the assumed definition of the term: the Nasca Earthworks and Spiral Jetty.

[This post was first published by Culture Bully.]