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Beastie Boys: New Music From “The Mix-Up”

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The first time I had heard any of the new instrumental material was yesterday when the ol’ Stereogum unleashed “The Rat Cage.” I can understand why some fans might not be entirely receptive as, up until now, the entire album is expected to represent merely a niche of the group’s sound. Fortunately for me however this sect of the group’s music has always been something that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Never having seen the Beastie Boys live in concert I can only go off of the experience that television and DVD have provided me. In every situation that I’ve seen live footage though, the most enjoyable parts of the band’s performance have been just that – the performance of the band. Not to put down anything they’ve ever done, but the sound and feel to “The Rat Cage” may very well be far truer to that of the Boys’ beginnings than anything on To the 5 Boroughs.

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