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Atmosphere “Shoulda Known”

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Settling, “That drug got you like I want you,” Slug drops a rhyme out of his own play book, indirectly citing a reply he gave The Onion’s AV Club last month during an open forum for their Valentine’s Day issue.

Q. What is your advice to a couple in which one person is sober, and the other is addicted to crystal meth?

A. Personally, I don’t believe in the risk. The addict needs to get well. The addict also needs to examine how he/she could ruin the lives of the people he/she loves. The addict won’t do either of these things if the addict can take advantage of the love and nurture of his/her lover. My advice is to wean off of each other. Send the addict to treatment. And once the addict learns to establish a love for self, the addict may actually end up mentally and emotionally available enough to love another person correctly. Or not. Either way, throwing away one life trumps throwing away two. I don’t believe in the risk. (AV Club)

While we’ve heard the story before in Atmosphere’s ever-deepening catalog, Ant’s beat delivers what was teased on the duo’s recent set of EPs – a deep bounce that refreshingly clings to the ears of its listener; definitely indicating that When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold might be a yellow brick road to some of the year’s best local hip hop.