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Akimbo: New Guitarist, Album

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Hard driving Seattle-based trio Akimbo will return later this summer with the first of two upcoming albums, Navigating The Bronze. Joining the band recently was be Aaron Walters, the group’s eleventh guitarist in its almost decade long history. Considering that the band, if put in the right context, could pass for a hard driving southern punk group it may seem a little strange that it’s releasing another album on Alternative Tentacles(along side other artists including vulgar-funkist Blowfly, policial-punk icon Jello Biafra and squat-core headliners Leftover Crack). It may be a strange fit, but in a recent interview Walters remarks on the freshness the label offers, “I guess it is fairly cool to have your stuff right next to all the other stuff in their catalog.” Read more of the interview over at Punk News.

[This post was first published by Culture Bully.]