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Jon Weisnewski (of Akimbo) Interview

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Though Akimbo has maintained a reputation for being one of the strongest Northwestern hardcore bands for some time, the band has been together for roughly eight years, it has gone through a number of difficult line-up changes (ten members have called themselves members of the group throughout the years) and as a result found itself at a turning point with its latest release Forging Steel and Laying Stone. In this Q&A bassist/vocalist Jon Weisnewski takes a bit of time away from a couple drinks at three in the morning to comment on the modern hardcore scene, racism on the road and Jaws.

As the band inches closer towards the ten year milestone, how has the hardcore scene changed since Akimbo’s inception?

Jon Weisnewski: The beer is still cheap and the ladies are still easy. But really, what is hardcore? Hardcore started with Black Flag and now we have Mad Ball. Pretty fucking lame if you ask me.

As with many tours, there is a lot of time spent on the road. To quote the Akimbo website from Thursday, June 15, “Every now and then, the movie adaptation is superior to the book.” What books have been passed around that don’t compare to the big screen version?

Jon Weisnewski: Jaws by Peter Benchley was far inferior to the film we all know from a little known director named S. Spielberg. The Ten Commandments was definitely a far cry above from it’s adapted story in das bible. We have one infidel among us that claims the Harry Potter movies were better than the book, but she also never played D&D so she doesn’t know much about wizards. Also, The Exorcistwas way more awesome than the books, which is not to spit turds on William Peter Blatty because the novels were great, but the movie was pretty brilliant.

Also included in the website’s notes is the statement “Racism is still very much a problem in America today.” What evidence of this have you noticed while on tour and what has the band done to confront similar themes in the past?

Jon Weisnewski: Well seriously for a second, we have seen and heard a fair amount of racist bullshit during our tours, which largely has to do with playing in the south and having a black roadie/photographer with an afro. But, while the message in that bullet point is important and by all means something that should not be ignored or belittled, the true meaning behind placing it there was ironic contrast from the “all party all the time” vibe that Akimbo continually represents with fervor and enthusiasm.

What has lead to a revolving door of band members in the last five years or so and what makes the current line up as strong as it is?

Jon Weisnewski: Stock brokers and heroine. That is not a joke. We finally have a guitar player who likes to drink as much as we do.

As the tour continues to head back towards its birthplace and onward, it will do so with The Sword and Saviours. How does the band fit with these stoner rock revivalists?

Jon Weisnewski: All the bands bring some serious slabs of sound to a live show. Rock first. Ask questions later.