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Letterboxd Film Diary, December 2019

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12/1/2019 Eighth Grade, 2018 (Rating: 3/5) 12/1/2019 The Virgin Suicides, 1999 (Rating: 2/5) 12/1/2019 We Need to Talk About Kevin, 2011 (Rating: 3/5) 12/1/2019 We Are Still Here, 2015 (Rating: 1.5/5) 12/2/2019 Insomnia, 2002 (Rating: 2.5/5) 12/2/2019 Half Nelson, 2006 (Rating: 2.5/5) 12/5/2019 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, 2007 (Rating: 1.5/5) […]

Small Doses

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Denis Leary has this music video that played in moderate rotation on Much Music in the early to mid ’90s called “Asshole.” It was a complete gag, but it sounded and looked its vintage, which lent it a certain authenticity to a kid just entering his teens. To my young eyes it seemed just about […]

Hope for Ghosts

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In love with a ghost Ideas mostly Like, what could have been If only everything was different Including us. To feel that close to you To touch skin To feel you pull away To sense hesitation To see careful restraint in your eyes To hear the distance in your voice Reminding myself it’s only just […]

I Don’t Believe You

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The night was nearly over by the time she joined the band on stage, but something opened up within me as Tristen encouraged the audience’s participation. With a gentle bob to her knees she stared into the crowd and crooned, “I don’t believe you, I don’t believe you.” It’s just a song, but it’s hardly […]

Letterboxd Film Diary, November 2019

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11/2/2019 No Country for Old Men, 2007 (Rating: 4/5) 11/2/2019 Kill Bill: Vol. 1, 2003 (Rating: 3.5/5) 11/3/2019 Django Unchained, 2012 (Rating: 3.5/5) 11/3/2019 Drive, 2011 (Rating: 2.5/5) 11/3/2019 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, 2004 (Rating: 2.5/5) 11/3/2019 Parasite, 2019 (Rating: 4.5/5) 11/3/2019 Inception, 2010 (Rating: 4/5) 11/4/2019 Young Frankenstein, 1974 (Rating: 2.5/5) 11/4/2019 […]


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“I don’t quite understand where you’re going with all this, but I can tell you I don’t exactly have the patience for it right now,” she said, pushing the cocktail napkin back to him. “Maybe I’m getting the word wrong? I-idiom? It’s an idiom. W-what I’m trying to say is I think people like us […]

The Rearview Mirror

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While it’s not something I’ve done much of the last few years, taking photos has been a big part of the past decade and a half for me. With 2020 fast approaching, I used the last 50 days to post 50 photos from the last 15 years on Instagram. I couldn’t tell you what I […]

Letterboxd Film Diary, October 2019

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10/1/2019 The Gingerdead Man, 2005 (Rating: 0.5/5) In service of landing the Gingerdead Man anything remotely resembling a proud legacy, the staff in charge of its production would have been well served to install absurd Gary Busey-inspired horse teeth in the cookie killer’s mouth. Instead, the half-baked villain is barely recognizable as the character we […]

Letterboxd Film Diary, September 2019

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9/1/2019 Einstuerzende Neubauten 1/2 Mensch (1/2 Man), 1986 9/1/2019 Possibly in Michigan, 1983 9/2/2019 Savageland, 2017 (Rating: 2.5/5) Rarely have I seen a found footage horror film as thematically interesting as Savageland. Maybe I just haven’t been exposed to enough of these movies, but the pressing criticism of the film here on LB revolves around […]

Letterboxd Film Diary, August 2019

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8/1/2019 Angst, 1983 (Rating: 3.5/5) In clumsier hands this could have been a forgettable Austrian lead-up to Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, but there is so much here that separates it from the cinematic glimpses into psychopathic behavior that followed. The camera work is wonderful, for example, using snorricam shots to complement moments of […]

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