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Letterboxd Film Diary, December 2018

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12/2/2018 Triangle, 2009 (Rating: 2/5) 12/2/2018 Zombieland, 2009 (Rating: 2.5/5) 12/2/2018 Kill Bill: Vol. 2, 2004 (Rating: 3.5/5) 12/2/2018 Hardcore Henry, 2015 (Rating: 3/5) This is my third or fourth viewing this year—and is my favorite (new to me) movie of the year. From the sharp, funny contrast of The Stranglers’ “Let Me Down Easy” […]

Finish Lines

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“the race for me had become an endless repetition,as i made my way around my circuit of duties.hour after hour i went thru the same unchanging tasks. […] after it was all over i went to the little house to start my update. the update i had been putting together in my mind was, of […]

Letterboxd Film Diary, November 2018

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11/1/2018 Hot Shots!, 1991 (Rating: 1/5) 11/1/2018 Stripes, 1981 (Rating: 2/5) 11/1/2018 Hot Fuzz, 2007 (Rating: 3/5) Even without considering all the easter eggs that serious Hot Fuzz fans seem to obsess over, this is such a smart, enjoyable, and sharply witty movie. Having just trudged through Hot Shots, it’s also a refreshing reminder of […]

A Journey Into Declutterization: Part Two

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The other day I was thinking about all the domain names I’ve owned and the futility of the entire process… Paying money for this thing that can’t possibly be maintained ad infinitum. In 2008 I had this idea for a blog called soft focus (rather: sftfcs, because I was being cute with the nomenclature) that […]

Harpeth River State Park (Kingston Springs, TN)

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Photos taken November 21, 2018 at Harpeth River State Park in Kingston Springs, TN.

Who Are You? Point To It!

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Walking bundles of habit, I think I read somewhere. That’s what we are. I get up, hit my knees, give thanks, meditate, and stretch… all figuratively speaking, of course. Many of my habits are aspirational. Some of them, at least. The others have an anaconda lock on me, constricting me slowly before I’m too light […]

Something Wrong

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The feeling is so strange, the organic and artisanal refuge communicating a message that there’s goodness to be had here. I’m good because I’m here. So are you. But why? We’re here, doing good for ourselves, at this place that tells us it’s the kind of place for people who care about enhancing their well being. […]

Gimme Noise

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I remember an old blog post I wrote somewhere in 2008 when I first caught some of Jay Smooth’s Ill Doctrine videos. I can’t find it, but I’m sure there was little to it beyond: 1) Jay’s great; and 2) I’m a fan. Sometime this past week I saw a link to this Columbia Journalism […]

Stepping Stones

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The first photos here were taken in March 2017, with the brick patio project running from May 2018 into November 2018. Essentially, I finished the project last week, when I brushed out and set a layer of cement sand across the patio to lock it, but I’ll return to the back yard in the Spring […]

Letterboxd Film Diary, October 2018

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10/2/2018 Demons 2, 1986 (Rating: 2/5) As much as I wanted to write off this sequel, it incorporated similarly great practical effects as the first, along with another solid soundtrack, and plenty of witty charm (without getting too gag-heavy). Though not the biggest zombie fan, “Demons 2” feels less cliched than most zombie films on […]

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