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Nashville Photo Dump (2011)

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Assorted photos taken around Nashville throughout 2011.

Culture Bully Presents: 2011 Mashed

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Real quick… I just want to say thank you all of the friends I’ve made in the mashup community over the years: the producers who have created some terrific music (including the mashups on Culture Bully’s annual Mashed compilation), and the fans who have taken the time to visit the blog. About six years ago I posted my […]

How to Fail at Blogging

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Last week I wrote something called “How to Fail at Promoting Music Online” which was pretty much about a handful of issues I take with the way publicists and bands push music online, particularly via email marketing. It’s pretty easy to unload such unsolicited advice though, and truth be told, picking on some issues and […]

Mac L’s “Raw Material”

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It was just about 10 months ago that I first met Mac L. In a number of ways the cocksure MC served as my introduction to a side of Nashville that I didn’t know much about when first moving here, and certainly a sector that isn’t entirely visible unless you’re actively looking for it: the […]

The Trouble with Local Scenes

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I moved to Nashville last summer on a whim, really only because one of my best friends lives here and it seemed like a not-so-terrible idea. And here I am 17 months later, still waking up each morning in some strange city that has somehow become a part of me. I can’t explain what exactly […]

Letterman Said it Best…

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This started as a Facebook post. Initially I feared putting something like this up on the blog because it might be misconstrued as another in this weekend’s parade of tasteless grabs for pageviews and misplaced online celebrations. But my words eventually outgrew the word-count limit on Facebook’s “wall,” and I’d like to think that my […]

UFC on Fox, Warrior and the Changing Face of MMA

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While Culture Bully has been a predominantly music-focused blog, a few months back I had a crazy idea that I wanted to pursue which included expanding content to other “cultural” points of interest: This included sports and, more importantly, coverage of mixed martial arts and the UFC. Things have subsequently changed quite a bit, leading […]

“Cowboys & Aliens” Review

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Armed with a Megaman blaster and his rugged good looks, Cowboys & Aliens finds Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) leading a strike against an encroaching team of aliens that have settled on Earth to strip mine for gold (for some reason or another). Aside from this undeniably superior alien race being taken down by far lesser […]

Ween’s Homo Rainbow

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Originally titled “The Rainbow” when released on South Park‘s Chef Aid compilation in 1998, the song was later rechristened “The Homo Rainbow” as it became a staple in Ween‘s live set. As is true of many of their other songs, the Live Music Archive is ripe with bootleg versions of the track, but none that […]

Insane Clown Posse on “The Adam Carolla Show”

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In preparation for this year’s edition of the Gathering of the Juggalos, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope appeared on The Adam Carolla Show where the longtime radio personality went a little off-base in taking listeners through an in depth recap of the Insane Clown Posse‘s history. From the group’s birth in the suburbs of Detroit to their fallout […]

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