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Nashville Photo Dump (2010)

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Assorted photos taken around Nashville over the course of 2010.

Culture Bully’s Best of 2010 Guest Posts

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To close the year out, Culture Bully solicited contributions from artists sharing their year-end lists, reflecting on their favorite things of 2010. Clubfeet A blend of South African and Austrailian musicians, Clubfeet released their debut album, Gold on Gold, this past summer. Comparing the trio to such acts as Hot Chip and the Junior Boys, […]

DJ Wick-It Interview

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Nashville might still be best known as Music City, but for the past three years Wick-It the Instigator and his crew of like-minded underground artists have done their best to rechristen the city as Mashville. Starting out as a group of six DJs in August of 2007, subsequent comings and goings within the collective have […]

Hans Condor “Time Rhyme or Reason” Video

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“Between the guns, booze, and stitches it’s been hard to piece it all together,” explained Hans Condor recently, discussing the production of the new video for “Time Rhyme or Reason.” “It got pretty messy for the two days we filmed it.” What might first appear as nothing more than a booze-soaked warzone is actually a fairly conceptual […]

PJ Harvey “The Last Living Rose” Video

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Recently speaking to director Seamus Murphy via email about the visuals used to accompany PJ Harvey‘s song “The Last Living Rose,” he explained, “I tried to present images that worked with the feelings, sensibility and rhythm of Polly’s beautiful song. So although they are not obvious or literal, they are not exactly random either.” This […]

Kanye West “Christmas in Harlem”

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Just as he’s done all year long, Kanye West has once again dropped some free love on us in the form of his latest Good Friday release, “Christmas in Harlem.” And like he’s done with track after track which were offered leading up to the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, West has again […]

Keegan DeWitt “Reluctance” Video

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“Reluctance” is the second of two videos to come in support of Keegan DeWitt‘s most recent 7″ release, following the Chad Hartigan-directed “Two Hearts” which dropped a month ago. The track’s status as a b-side is by no means indicative of any sort of inferiority to the lead single however; Ryan Burleson of the Nashville […]

Best Mashups of 2010

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This is Culture Bully’s sixth annual list of the year’s top mashups, and this time around I thought it’d be nice to switch things up a bit. Instead of simply compiling a list of my own personal picks, I invited a slew of mashup producers to vote for their favorites from 2010. Quickly, here’s how […]

Best Albums of 2010

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This is the sixth list of its kind that I’ve put together on Culture Bully, counting down the top albums of the year. Something that I’ve noticed along the way however is that the term “top” or “best” (or whatever) has apparently come to take on an entirely different definition nearly every year since starting […]

Home & Away: Culture Bully

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Maybe it’s the sharp contrast to the sub-zero temperatures which I found myself in a mere seven months ago, or maybe it’s the generally relaxed feeling that resonates throughout the city, but whatever it is Nashville seems to be giving me what I’ve been looking for. Coincidentally, it appears that I’m not the only one […]

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