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Blastoids “Since Forever” EP

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Blastoids Since Forever

In the couple of years that Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s Blastoids have been doing their thing they’ve made it pretty goddamn difficult not to compare their sound to Animal Collective; even with their new five-track EP the tendency is to make the easy connection. But before getting all genre-fixated, there’s a bit more to the group than a quick glimpse might initially suggest.

Blastoids’ 2009 Megachurch EP was released through Environmental Aesthetics and does well to show a bit of the electronics that would later bleed into the band’s later releases, and eventually the Since Forever EP which dropped last month. Airy synth blurring the lines between the group’s tribal-leaning drum collage and distant vocals—all of which go a long way in describing AnCo as well. Cows Are Just Food offered what might be the best explanation of Megachurch that will ever exist, commenting on its “Big spectacular splatters of pop, glitchy neon psych schmeared in lovely warm synth jam and explosions of huge hum and beautiful clatter.” But then the band threw a wrench in things, flipping the script on listeners with their next album.

Following things up with Trash Mountain last year, the recording included elements found in Megachurch but focused on some 8-bit electronics mixed in with a whole lotta noise-pop. “Although Trash Mountain was recorded at the same time as Megachurch, it is worlds away from the blissful, bordering on bubbly output I came to associate Blastoids with,” explained Unholy Rhythms. “The electronic elements have not disappeared, instead they found a fuller sound that can be extremely jarring and noisy.” These two albums were later released as a free download from the group, collected as Kid Hands Smell Like Glitter, before the group once again added to the string of contrasting sound with the soundtrack to Daniel Henry’s short film Figure / Ground—the release largely consisting of ambient hums and electronic drone. Despite those superficially easy AnCo comparisons, from their first release on the group has made it their prerogative to follow whatever musical direction their heart leads at the moment. And with Since Forever, they’ve once again done just that.

With the band’s new release there’s been a slight return to Megachurch‘s vibe—the exception being “Taste” with its its bubbling abstract electronics. Aside from that the EP does well to use a far deeper vibe in establishing a crisper sound that translates as something far more “their own.” Whatever that might mean. Take a listen for yourself as the EP is streaming over at Bandcamp. And if you get the opportunity, I’d suggest checking them out live if ever given the opportunity. Having not seen them myself, it’s a risky statement—championing a show sight unseen—but if these photos from Blastoids’ New Year’s show are any indication, everyone in attendance is in for a helluva good time.

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