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O’Reilly Continues to Bash Nas & An Ill Doctrine Rebuttle

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Bill OReilly Nas Virginia Tech

Continuing his assault on Nazzz (though since we last saw him, he must have been informed of the proper pronunciation of Nas’ name), Bill O’Reilly continued his verbal assault on both Nas and Virginia Tech President Charles Steger this week. First “going at it” with “liberal” personality Geraldo Rivera, then again with Fox News Correspondent Michelle Malkin and Democratic Strategist Kirsten Powers. Geraldo shockingly does little to argue with O’Reilly, though he begins to make what could have been a strong point against O’Reilly’s case to get Nas removed from an upcoming benefit concert for the families of the victims of this year’s Virginia Tech shootings. Geraldo suggests that “Nas could voluntarily withdraw,” and I think to some extent, if Nas felt that it was insensitive (for whatever reason) to take part in this event he should. Under no other circumstances however, do I feel it to be appropriate for Nas to not take part in this benefit concert, one which he was hand picked for and invited to perform at, with Nas knowing fully well that he would receive no financial reciprocity for doing so. In the same interview O’Reilly suggests that Steger was wrong for suggesting that in his blatantly misleading comments, O’Reilly was guilty of “miscategorizing Nas.” Nasty Nazz and his gansta rap…

The next segment begins with a “flabbergasted” Malkin doing everything she can to agree with her Fox News family member, and as he did in his initial segment, O’Reilly likens Nas’ inclusion in the benefit to the crimes committed by football player Marcus Vick while attending Virginia Tech. It’s at this point in time that Powers suggests the apparent, in that breaking the law (Vick) can in no way be compared to artistic expression (Nas). O’Reilly disagrees (whaa?) concluding the segment by saying, “this permissive culture is what’s killing me.”

If for whatever reason O’Reilly’s sentiments (which are based entirely on out of context sound bytes) do not offend you (or even if they do) – I implore you to take a moment and listen to Jay Smooth’s reaction to the situation as, in typical form, the Ill Doctrine founder spreads wisdom ans sensibility over the situation.

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