Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Beyoncé Critics’ Pick

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Having previously sold some 50 million records as a member of Destiny’s Child, this past decade has seen Beyoncé Knowles separate herself from the image of a girl-group diva and rise up as a full-blown renaissance woman. Singer, songwriter, actress, fashion designer, model, spokesperson, philanthropist, activist: All these titles address aspects of Beyoncé’s multi-faceted persona. But one single word might best define who she is at her core: performer. Her shows are shows, audio/visual eruptions featuring dazzling costumes, vivacious dancing, and spectacle. While the same could likely be said about any number of modern female pop singers, few appear as sexy and powerful as Beyoncé, who doesn’t need to accompany her performances with the tease of sleaze. Even songs in her act such as the Destiny’s Child single “Bootylicious,” a number celebrating the full-bodied female, retain a sense of prestige as Beyoncé is able to draw the line between being voluptuous and being tacky. With Solange.

[This critics’ pick was originally published by City Pages.]