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Best Songs of 2008

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Best Music of 2008

#1) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Albert Goes West”

Just as fiery as 2004’s “Nature Boy” – another one of my favorite Bad Seeds songs.

#2) M83 “Kim & Jessie”

This is the best proper single of the year; despite it sounding so familiar I’ve never heard anything like it before.

#3) Drive-By Truckers “Daddy Needs a Drink”

One of the most powerful songs from an album dripping with classics.

#4) Nas “Black President”

Nas’ best effort at securing the position off Secretary of Illness in the new administration.

#5) T.I. feat. Rihanna “Live Your Life”

Take an internet meme and combine it with two of the year’s biggest pop stars, and you get the surprisingly fantastic “Live Your Life.”

#6) Al Green “Lay It Down”

Best slow-jam of the year, slightly edging out Green’s “No One Like You.”

#7) School of Seven Bells “Chain”

My favorite track from a highly under-appreciated album.

#8) Beck “Gamma Ray”

Modern Guilt was a little too hit or miss for my taste, but “Gamma Ray” was definitely a hit.

#9) The Game feat. Lil’ Wayne “My Life”

My favorite track from The Game this year… and mark my words, this Weezy character is going places.

#10) Conan O’Brien & The Max Weinberg 7 “Blue Moon”

A moment of genius during the writer’s strike, Conan jumped on the mic and blew me away. I knew he could play, but I didn’t know that his charisma would transfer as well as it did.

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