Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Best Music Videos of 2008

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#10) Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s “As Tall As Cliffs”

My friends, January 20 will be a good day.

#9) Feist “I Feel It All”

Fireworks + Feist = every dream Stephen Colbert has had this past year.

#8) Sigur Rós “Gobbledigook”

Though not as amusing as BPA’s “ToeJam,” the volume of artistic nudity in “Gobbledigook” may never be challenged!

#7) Justice “Stress”

Who knew the French could be so unruly?

#6) Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal”

Claymation has such a unique innocence about it – funny then, that “White Winter Hymnals” is about slaughtering babies. The message isn’t explicit, but I’m on to you Fleet Foxes…

#5) Björk “Wanderlust”

Björk. Yup.

#4) White Williams “New Violence”

Before Ratatat was getting all crazy with their videos TV Carnage hijacked “New Violence” and made this gem – never before have naughty police officers seemed so nice.

#3) Radiohead “All I Need”

“All I Need” isn’t nearly as groundbreaking as “House of Cards,” but its weight is immeasurable.

#2) Shad “The Old Prince Still Lives at Home”

… And that’s how he became the prince of a town called London.

#1) Gnarls Barkley “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?”

By my mom’s estimation, this is the saddest video of the year. I just thought it was creative.

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