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Best Coast “Crazy For You” Video

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The breakdown of what you’re going to see in Best Coast‘s video for “Crazy For You” comes down to two things, really: guitarist and singer Bethany Cosentino’s love for cats (like, she really really really loves cats) combined with the I Can Has Cheezburger meme-apalooza.

But keeping the simplicity of the concept (and the band’s sound) in mind, it’s still pretty hard not to give props to the group considering how well they’ve been able to turn getting high and having fun into an actual model of success. A harmless lo-fi west coast rock band fronted by an adorable early-to-mid-20s female lead ever so casually spreading their name across the country; yup, pretty hard to hate on that. That being said, for whatever it’s worth, in the realm of cats playing the starring role in music videos, “Crazy For You” still takes a backseat to the video for Holy Fuck’s “Red Lights.”

After appearing as the first musical act of 2011 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon earlier this month, the band will be kicking off a 20 date tour tomorrow which will see them performing throughout the States & Canada alongside the likes of Wavves & No Joy. Also, the band just released a limited edition 7″ split with Nashville‘s JEFF the Brotherhood which is available via Infinity Cat. In case you’re interested in previewing “Sunny Adventure,” Gorilla vs. Bear has the audio from their half of the set.

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