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Astrid Swan

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23 year old Finnish singer/songwriter Astrid Swan has a grace and beauty to her music far beyond her age. Each musical piece shows Swan’s beautiful domination over the piano, her instrument of choice for the last 17 years. Her adolescent tendencies gave way to playful composition at an early age; leading to her first English spoken song which she wrote on guitar at the age of 14. Quickly completing her first demo reel at the age of 17, and with painstaking determination, she earned a record deal. Signing and releasing last year’s Poverina, she now looks to break into a market which idolizes her sound; one similar to that of the hugely successful Norah Jones and Fiona Apple. Demonstrating her musical aptitude, she has performed with the indie rock outfit Treeball throughout her career. Though the band has a foggy, interesting tone reminiscent to early 90’s alternative Americana, Swan excels with her wave-of-sound solo work. Look for her as she tours North America this spring.

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